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Expertnaire Review: Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

What Is Expertnaire? How To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

Those 2 questions above are frequently asked by curious and scared internet newbies, especially when someone has told them about Affiliate marketing or they’ve heard the word Expernaire in the past.

Before we go further, let’s get one thing straight… Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing are not the same things. Even though they both have the same marketing gimmicks. The latter is more beginner-friendly and very safe! (I am sure Network marketers will disagree, 😅)

Don’t get it twisted, Network marketing pays, especially those who are 100% committed and treat it as a main source of income, I have seen die-hard network marketers that rake in some cool cash, but all these didn’t come overnight, there is a lot of work and convincing people that are involved.

And it is the convincing people aspect that I am not cool with, and like every network marketing platform or system, there will come a time when the system will stall because it was designed to always get in more humans into the system for cash flow. I have attempted Network marketing before, and generated over ₦1.2 Million Naira in commissions and did more than ₦3,000,000 Naira in product sales and still counting… trust me, the products are always selling because they work.

So, How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

I know, we are not here to discuss Network Marketing, forgive me for deviating, but before we jump on to the topic, I will like to explain what Affiliate Marketing is for a second.

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is when you recommend someone to buy a product that they need, or that will solve a problem for them at that point in time. The truth is, that so many people practice affiliate marketing around the world without even knowing it.

For example, if you live in Nigeria, and you visit popular physical marketplaces, especially where Igbo traders make up a greater percentage of the population. You will always meet that vibrant hustler who owns no shop, warehouse, or product, but will try to get you to admit that you want to buy a certain product by constantly asking you different kinds of questions like… “Bros how far, you need confirm original sneakers, corporate shoes? what about stock shirts, chinos nkoh…” etc.

Once you admit to wanting any of the suggested items he keeps throwing at you, you are hooked. 😅

He will then persuade you to follow him to his “Shop” where he stocks the best of the items you are looking to buy, and behind the scenes, the real store owner will credit to him some percentage of whatever amount that is generated from that sale.

That is the business model in a real-life scenario. But in our case, Affiliate marketing is done by leveraging the power of the internet and social media.

So, how then can you start this Affiliate marketing thing without hanging around a marketplace under the scorching sun looking for buyers to lure in and possibly collecting a few slaps from a frustrated passerby?

It’s easy, first, you have to find an online marketplace that has good products and also offers affiliate programs. Let me save you that research stress by pointing out a few of them.

Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Clickbank, etc, are all online marketplaces, some have physical products, while the others have digital products that are either downloadable or consumed using a smartphone or laptop. (e.g eBooks, Video courses, Audiobooks, etc.)

You can start promoting these products for a commission by setting up a blog, using WhatsApp, or your other favorite social media platforms. All you are doing, in this case, is connecting people to solutions to products they need or solutions to their problems.

The above-mentioned marketplaces are big and of an international standard, but if you are looking for a way to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, then you should definitely start with Expertnaire.

As a beginner, you may think you will get lost by signing up as an affiliate marketer and not knowing how to promote the products at your disposal, that is where Expertanire made it easy by offering beginners an opportunity to learn from scratch, how to sell these products in the simplest way, using just their phones and WhatsApp, and also, you get weekly mentorship/coaching in a closed, members-only group where you get supported, gist and see results from people like you that are making a killing with Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria. This course is called the 72 Hours Income Generator (72IG) for short. Getting the course also gets you a free 1 Year membership to the Expernaire platform.

Grab your 72IG Course and Free 1 Year Expernaire Membership Here

What Is Expernaire and 72IG?

Expertnaire is a digital marketplace as earlier mentioned. It is a place where we help creators of digital products (vendors) get more sales and connect with more customers via their platform and a network of affiliates, in this case, you who are looking at becoming an affiliate marketer. So, when you sell any of the products listed on the Expertnaire platform, you earn a commission that will be deposited to the payout section of your dashboard [img below].

Expertnaire Review - How to start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria


72IG is a quick start guide that consists of a series of video lessons, presentations, pdfs, and images that will not only guide you on how to sell Affiliate products but also guide you on how to sell just anything using simple means and platform you already use on a daily basis, example your smartphone and WhatsApp with internet connection.

Because you are learning about Expernaire and 72IG on this post and on my website, I will let you in on a group I created to also personally coach beginners like you for free on other aspects of making money online. So you can get free courses and training from me in the areas of blogging, search engine optimization, website design, etc.

How to Get Started and Get More From Me

Join my Nigeria Internet Millionaires group HERE.

It’s okay to connect with me on a personal level, you can shoot me a WhatsApp message directly, and I will guide you on this Affiliate marketing in Nigeria journey you are about to embark on. You will not only learn about Affiliate marketing but will also benefit from my years of experience as a web developer and digital marketer.

Drop your comments or thoughts in the comment section, and I will be in touch as soon as I can.


Kenneth Ben.


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