Beginner to Advance

FACEBOOK & Instagram ADS Master Course

With Chidozie Kenneth Ben

You will learn the same skill set that the professional advertising agencies use to achieve fantastic advertising results.

This training is designed to take you from an absolute beginner (Someone who doesn't even know how to create a Facebook account) to an advance level Facebook and Instagram ads expert.
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What you will learn

Course Outline

  1. * Course Overview (How to use the platform)
  2. * How Facebook Works
  1. * Creating Facebook and IG Account
  2. * Creating a Facebook Page for Advert and Setting Up
  3. * Linking Facebook Page to Instagram Account
  1. * Do’s and Dont’s of Facebook Ads
  2. * Chapter 3 QUIZ
  1. * What is Business Manager and Why It Is Important
  2. * Important Business Manager Setup
  1. * Campaigns, Adsets and Ads
  2. * Facebook Audience Insights
  3. * Custom Audiences
  4. * Look-alike Audiences
  5. * Facebook Pixels (Part 1) – Introduction
  6. * Chapter 5: QUIZ
  1. * Adding Payment Method to Ad Account
  2. * Facebook Pixels (Part 2) – Installation, Setup, Testing.
  3. * Ad Creation 1: Choosing a Campaign Objective and Creating Adset
  4. * Ad Creation 2: Creating Ads and Choosing Tracking
Why you should take this course

Course Benefits

Access to Support

When you enroll to take this course, you will get access to support by asking questions on the platform.

Beginner Friendly

The course was designed to accomodate novice advertisers, taking your from a beginner to PRO.


When you join the course, you get access to download the video lessons to your device.


You also join our Facebook Ads community where you can share your experience and problems

Life-time Access

The video lessons are hosted online so you can have access to them anytime, & learn at your own pace

Access to Free Info

When you join the course, you get free online business and advertising tips sent to you periodically.
About Course Instructor


Kenneth Benjamin

Digital Marketing Expert

With over 6 years of experience, Kenneth is dedicated to ensuring that he keeps up to date with the current technology, digital trends and tools available to businesses in the 21st century. He has always been a tech-savvy person who is constantly learning and discovering the various ways to create an unbeatable online presence for an organization using the available business technology tools.

All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are on this pre-launch page, you can enroll by filling the Pre-launch form above, once you do so, an email will be sent to you. In the email, you will get a link to join our Pre-lauch group, pending when the course will launch officially. Also, you get to download our FREE Facebook Ads PDF manual that will prepare you for the course.

When the timer above hits zero, you will miss out on this one-time Early bird/Pre-Launch offer, though the course will still be available to access and join, but by the time we launch, the official price will be activated, and you will miss out on the Pre-Launch discount.

It is free to join the Pre-Lauch group, also the Facebook Ads PDF manual that you will download when you join is free as well. But because you joined the Pre-Launch you get to pay a discounted one-time fee of #3,000 Naira only to get life-time access to the video lessons. When the course launches officially, the price will go up to it’s normal price of #7500 Naira.

Only those who join the pre-launch group before the official launch get to enjoy the discounted #3000 naira access for life.

There are no minimum requirements, as long as you can use your phone/laptop. This course was designed to be very user-friendly, we even went as basic as creating a Facebook account, Facebook page and Instagram account which we used as a demo for the course, to an advance level of creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences to retarget people who are more likely to buy our products/services by leveraging the power of Facebook Pixels, etc.

You will learn how to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads just like the professional advertising agencies do, We will go from a beginner level to an advanced level, including some bonus trainings that will be useful for your business growth. See the Course Outline above for a detailed outline of the course content.

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