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Special Easter Offer!!

80% OFF Online Store Website PLUS Marketing FOR 10 LUCKY BUSINESSES! 🤗😍 

Don't sleep on this if you are a small-business/Vendor in Nigeria whether you sell your products online or offline. Read more details about this offer below...


Dear friend, there is joy in waking up to customer orders, and that Paystack email notification of a certain customer in Lagos, Abuja, or Ibadan that made payment for your product via your eCommerce website while you are away or sleeping 😊 

I run several online stores, so I know what I am talking about. But I am going to use one of my online stores that retails just one simple product, (Goli Gummy Supplement) as an example. I even have a mini-course that expose the store's backend, traffic, marketing and sales statistics, I can send you the link later for Free, but that's not why we are here, right?

My bad... 🤦‍♂️

Hi, my name is Kenneth Ben, I am a website designer and digital marketer based in Lagos Nigeria, I also run some eCommerce websites that retail certain products online, I don't have a physical shop, but my store generate sales as frequent as I can handle, then I work with dispatch riders to help deliver customer orders from where-ever I may be at that point in time.

I see alot of "vendors" that have good, hot in-demand products, and a physical shop address, but do not have a modern online store that automates their selling process, they only depend on their Facebook or Instagram page and referrals, smh.

If you are one of them, this is your opportunity to stand-out from the crowd, let your brand be perceived globally as a serious and trusted brand, with ability to accept online payments on any debit/credit card in or outside Nigeria (If your business serves other countries as well). I have done this for myself and other businesses, and now I am open to working with only 10 small-businesses to launch their brand online in style.

See A Screenshot of One of My Online Stores Below

Goli Gummy Nigeria

Over ₦1.7000,000 Naira In Sales and Counting...

When you have an online store, you will be open to a whole new way of running a business in today's digital economy... Your website admin area will be the power house of your business. And I will show you via zoom once I finish building your site, how to: 

  • Manage and fulfil your orders on the web or on a mobile app I will share with you to install on your smartphone.

  • Manage your online store inventory.

  • Manage your customers, engage them and turn them into return buyers.

  • Get insight on your store's traffic statistics with an app installed on your mobile phone.

  • Auto generate order invoices, receipts and packing slips to include in your customer's order package.

  • Integrate trusted delivery partners and auto-calculate delivery fees based on customer's location... etc

so, what's the deal!

Like I mentioned before, I can only work with 10 serious business owners/vendors right now before I close this opportunity for a while to take a break from my computer.

So, here's the deal. The service I am about to provide to you and the other 9 businesses is the same service I provide for other businesses for nothing less than ₦300,000, which is not even up to what most top website design agencies charge. But I am not going to charge you that amount, I am not even going to charge half of it (₦150,000).

With only ₦65,000, you can get a standard eCommerce website that is built to convert, with free marketing services inclusive (Facebook & IG ads (with your budget), Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business setup/optimization.)

This is A Limited Time Offer!


You missed out!

I will take the price up after the first 10 businesses have locked in their slot.
Complete the form below to start a conversation with me on WhatsApp immediately, let me know more about your business.



From concept and strategy, to design and implementation, I will bring your online store vision to life. Your customers will be able to shop with ease, and your brand identity will be perceived on a whole new level!. 


I will not just build you a website and let you struggle with it, I will help you reach as many customers as possible once your site is launched with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads and Free SEO. 


As the owner of the business, you deserve to be in control of your online store platform, I will integrate useful mobile apps that will help you manage your online store easily on your phone, respond to customers instantly, etc.


I have over 8 years of web development knowledge and experience. My goal is to create high quality, easy to use, and affordable website solutions for small businesses. Your happiness and satisfaction are at the very core of my passion for what I do, but more than anything I understand that results matter the most, and as a small business owner myself, I have seen positive results from setting up eCommerce solutions for myself as well as other businesses that trust my services... This is your opportunity!

“Your competitors are every where in the offline world, we can get you one step ahead of them by giving your business an unbeatable online presence.”

Kenneth Ben

Digital Marketing Specialist.

Kenneth Ben


Let us discuss about your business, click the button below to secure your spot today, I will have a brief chat with you on WhatsApp to learn more about your business and know if it qualifies to for this particular offer as it is only tailored to small-businesses.

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